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The heat is on, and many of us would have planned a holiday that demands a train journey. If that's the case that's right for you, then head on to download RailYatri's and the Play Shop Indian Rail IRCTC & PNR Status program. You can always check your PNR status, or look up a weather forecast at the destination using this app. It's also useful if you would like to look up the entrance status of a train - important whether you've got a train or in case you're picking someone who is coming from out of town up.

RailYatri's Indian Rail IRCTC & PNR Status is an individual program that could fill each one of these needs, and apart from assessing up the PNR and train status, it also shows you the most delayed trains at just about any given time, shows fog alerts, as well as the closest train station. You can also order meals to be delivered to the train, or hire a taxi to pick you up at your own destination.

In the primary menu, the first section on the app shows you the local trains in your city. It provides information on all the trains running across your city. You can also change the city placing manually, and we altered our city to Mumbai to see how this feature works. Once the city changed the app then allowed us to either enter the name of the coming and boarding stations, or select them from a drop down list. Upon entering these details, one can see all of the trains running on the route, in the ascending order of the coming - so the primary train to achieve the station is in addition to the list.

The list also displays the time and status of the trains, working slow, or signaling whether they're on time. The app displays the arrival time at each station in its path once you tap on a train in the list. You may also view a static map of the whole rail network zooming out to start to see the entire city, if you wish to into see just a few stations, or zooming.
Regardless of local trains, you can even look up crowdsourced information about railway stations. The nearest station for us was New Delhi, so we chose to assess what all advice was available. The program shown info about a cafe called Jan Ahaar, which is the market cafeterias of IRCTC. In addition, it mentioned information about the nearest Metro station in addition to the operating times of the cloak rooms, and its particular timings. When travelling this would be helpful for the originating and destination stations as well as those across the course.

PNR Status program, RailYatri's Indian Rail IRCTC & additionally shows the set of all delayed trains, sorted by the amount of hours. Therefore the train that was delayed is recorded on top, and also the time is displayed in red. You have to expect that any train you are booked on isn't a part of this list. The list in case you tap on a train, may also see information like the estimated time of arrival to get a train, view its schedule, see which trains are nearby, or follow its progress dwell, and has the train name and number. In the event that you click on Live Tracking, the app displays the current place of the train, and loads the map, emphasizing stations along the path.
The Live Statements section shows news about any recent cancellations, diversions or rescheduling of trains. You check departure time table and its entrance, and can also look up the nearest railway station, or locate it using Google Maps through the RailYatri program. In the About Trains section, you'll be able to discover the trains and calculate the fare for journeys.

Aside from simply looking up information, the program has a couple of other handy functions too. By inputting your PNR number in the My Trips section of the app you are able to save coming excursions. The cool part is that you simply don't even need to input your PNR number - you can press on a button to have IRCTC's SMS is scanned for by the app, and automatically save it. After that, you'll be capable of find out the most recent program of the PNR status, the train, and seat availability with prognosis for tickets which haven't been affirmed. RailYatri says PNR Status app & the Indian Rail IRCTC attempts to consider the historical booking data for your own train to tell you your ticket is to get confirmed, though there's clearly a margin of error, and also you should not depend on this totally. And after you're on board the train, you may also make use of GPS train locator choices and the speedometer to monitor your journey.

In the Quick Publication section of the app, you're able to purchase food delivered to some train, or book a taxi to pick you up when you arrive at your own destination. These functions aren't integrated into RailYatri, but are powered by third party providers instead. RailYatri has partenered with Journey Khaana RailTiffin, and Yatra Chef for food, and Taxi For Positive and Cel Taxis for cabs. In both scenarios, a callback is triggered by the RailYatri app from the service provider, who then arranges the pick up/ delivery.

To reserve a meal, you need to put in number or the train name, and select the date of traveling. Then you definitely can put a request to get a call back. To hail a cab, just input the name of the city you're travelling to, and request a callback. You need to verify your number with RailYatri's app once before callbacks can be requested by you. These are functions that are practical, but we wish the app let the user to reserve the taxi and order food within the program itself, so that instead of looking forward to a call, the ordering/ booking could be performed instantly and tracked.

One other trouble with the program is its layout. The user interface of the app may have now been better, with options to add or delete widgets for excursions. That way, should you frequently look up information to get a specific train - maybe someone in your loved ones lives out of town and visits once a month - then you would certainly be capable of immediately jump to that particular train's status without needing to save the PNR number in your excursions each time. Instead, you need to scroll through the list of trains to get this information each time, or enter the PNR of the person who's seeing to save it in the My Trips section, where you'll manage to quickly get it.

The app also offers full page popup advertisements which can be quite annoying. Despite that, we loved the live tracking characteristic of the train, which saved a great deal of time during a visit to pick up a relative from the railway station, whose train was running late. We'd recommend the app for several of the tourists that are travelling by train, as it is always better to get another information which helps in arranging a journey. It is not perfect, but PNR Status program & the RailYatri Indian Rail IRCTC is a one stop store that meets many distinct Indian Railways-related traveling needs, so we believe it should be installed by you.

PNR Status & RailYatri's Indian Rail IRCTC app is accessible and free on Android.

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